The difference between success and mediocrity is having disciplined systems!!!

How does one remain organized and stylish in this whirlwind of a society?

Have you ever being so much in a rush that you just swing your wardrobe door open and put on anything so you won’t be late?

Odds are that it wasn’t a beautiful outfit.

You really don’t need to learn the time management of great men to have an exquisite personal style. All you need are systems setup to save your time while elevating your style.

If your personal presentation is important to you, you will make time for it.

Here are four smart strategies to help you create a system that will help your remain stylish even if time literally is not enough for you.

  1. Always Plan Your Attire A Night Before.

Those who work in the cooperate world will understand me better if I say- when in rush, it is automatic pilot. Attention to details are neglected.

Preparing your attire the night before, takes thinking stress of your mind and minimizes the time you take to dress up. Lay out your clothes, shoes, ties and shirt combination and even accessories. It gives you enough time to scrutinize each garment and to check if any needs repairs.

  1. Make Sure You Keep An Organized Wardrobe.

Messy clothes cause enough stress and strain on the mind. An organized wardrobe helps to ascertain for where every piece of clothing is so you don’t have to wonder where they are when you are in a rush.

A simple system of organized wardrobe includes

  • A section for suits and a special section for blazers and sport coats.
  • Each hanger should have at least one-inch space between them to avoid cluttering.
  • Polos should be separated from buttoned down shirt.
  • Shoes should have their own special spacious rack. Heat causes them to have cracks.
  • Have an isolated but visible section for accessories.
  1. Create An Interchangeable Wardrobe.

If majority of your wardrobe items can be worn interchangeably, you don’t have to think about which shirt or tie matches a particular jacket or trouser.

Creating an interchangeable wardrobe involves acquiring circumspectly, items that can consistently match other items (clothing and accessories) in your wardrobe and avoiding items that don’t match anything. Examples of such items are

  • Gray and navy suits.
  • Black and brown formal/semi-formal shoes.
  • Solid colour dress shirts especially blue and white.
  • Exquisite Patterned shirts for events outside the office.
  • Solid colour socks.
  • Versatile ties.
  1. Have A Morning Ritual.

Rituals bring control to your life and in this case your mornings. They help bring order to disorder when you are in a rush.

Having a clear perspective of what to do per time allows you to take charge of your day from the very minute you rise.

A morning ritual makes it exciting to wake up.

In conclusion

Having a system in place offers you organization and ease at the same helping you save time to focus on the very important things in your mornings. Don’t let your style be stressful rather aim for blissfulness.

Sartorially Yours