Who are we?

We are an ever growing group of fashion loving techies with dreams of creating the largest online fashion magazine and retailing platform in Africa.

Why are we here?

To influence and grow African fashion in the most positive ways possible. We are an experientially minded team at The Lookbook. Our Priority is to create the best online fashion experience imaginable.


What is this place?

This is The Lookbook, Africa’s premier online fashion magazine and retail platform. This is also what we hope will become a powerful fashion influencer hub. Ok so in other words, this is home for us.

Our Story

The Lookbook was born out of an intense desire to showcase Ghanaian fashion to the world. Over time this desire has evolved into showcasing the potential of African fashion to the world whilst creating a safe haven for African fashion designers to showcase their art.

Our story hasn’t ended, it’s only just begun!!!

  • Brand Strategy 80%
  • Internet Marketing 60%
  • App Development 50%
  • Customer Happiness 90%

Our Team

Owen Ankrah

Owen Ankrah

Co-Founder / CEO

Owen Christian Ankrah is an Actor, Model, Banker and most of all a Dreamer. He is a fun loving (read: adrenaliine junkie) person with a genuine love of music, fashion, cars and practically everything fast, mechanical and dangerous. You could say he’s the nerd that managed to become cool.

Owen is the mastermind of The Lookbook

Sweetie Anang

Sweetie Anang

Co-Founder / Software Lead

Sweetie is a young Information Technology professional who aspires to utilise her skills to contribute to Ghana’s Economic Development. She works as an Applications Developer and loves to volunteer her time to help teach and mentor younger people especially girls to participate in STEM related fields.

Sweetie is the software supergirl of The Lookbook.

Sweetie Anang

Sweetie Anang


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