6 secret habits of exceptionally groomed men.

6 Secrets every man should know about impeccable Grooming

Having an immaculate look is very important in life especially as a banker’s in a corporate environment where customer perception plays a large role feelings of security and willingness to do business.

Every now and then, we come across impeccably groomed men and wonder how they do it? We usually wonder how hard it really is to constantly look exceptional. The truth is that isn’t very difficult to constantly have an immaculate look.

Here are six secrets of impeccably groomed men.

  1. Buy quality not quantity

If you’ve been wondering how impeccably dress men always mange to wear the best looking clothes then this one is for you. They buy only quality items. I know you’re going to be concerned about that buying quality means buying expensive items. Although this can be true in many cases, you can keep an eye out for sales events to pick up a few high quality items at affordable prices.

  1. Become a toothbrush genie

Remember that a man’s devilish charm comes with a winning smile, and having a pearly set of teeth is not reserved solely for celebrities and people who drank lots of milk when they were young. If you want to win big with your smile, make sure to brush twice a day, floss thoroughly and implement some natural whitening methods into your regime.

  1. Become a regular at the Salon.

Along with having perfect white teeth, you have to keep your hair well cut and your face looking smooth, clean, and moisturized. That means no cracked skin, no pimples, warts or scars, no chapped lips and certainly no untidy facial hair.

Invest in a moisturizer for your skin and get rid of those pesky irregularities. You should find out which products work well for your skin and buy those instead. Also, don’t be afraid to buy at least one lip balm to keep your lips looking constantly soft and moisturized.

  1. Nail your hand-care routine

Cutting your nails once a week – preferably after a bath or shower, to soften them and make them easier to trim – is basic. But that rough, flaky skin around the nail bed that somehow irritates you more than it looks like it should? Treat with a tiny bit of moisturizer every couple of days to smooth things over. Invest in a sweet scented hand cream. This will go a long to keep your hands from looking dry and ashy especially after hand washing sessions.

  1. Find your signature scent

Aftershave and cologne isn’t supposed to be loud or obvious. You don’t want people to stop in their tracks and notice, if they do, you’ve worn too much. Rather, it should become a subtle part of your overall presence. Remember the first habit? Rather than buying 8-10 average quality colognes which you pick from at random each morning, find one or two classic scents you really like and invest in them. Typically woody, spicy or herby scents suit the colder months, while lighter, citrusy scents work best in warmer months.

  1. Eat well to look young

Adopting a healthy diet means cutting out the junk food and cooking your meals using natural ingredients and sticking to lean meat, healthy fats and vegetables. And because food today generally tends to lack the proper amount of nutrients, you should supplement with multivitamins and supplements that can help you replenish the essential nutrients, keeping your skin looking healthy and your body feeling young.

Ruth Quashie crowned Miss Universe Ghana 2017

Ruth Quashie crowned Miss Universe Ghana 2017

Ruth Quashie crowned Miss Universe Ghana 2017


Ruth Quashie, a 23-year-old business administration graduate, has been crowned Miss Universe Ghana 2017.

The runners-up were Hephie Armah, a final year student of the Ghana Institute of Journalism, and Emily Randolph, also a student at the Ghana Institute of Journalism who came in second and third respectively.

Miss Quashie drove home in a lustrous brand new Hyundai Accent, scored herself a one year-contract with a modelling agency in Italy and is expected to represent Ghana at the international pageant (Miss Universe).

The 10 ladies who were shortlisted out of several, before the grand finale had engaged in fierce competitions, training programmes to prove which one of the contestants merited the Miss Universe Ghana 2017 crown.

The ladies each represented regions in the country and gave brief speeches amid spectacular performances on why one should visit their respective regions.

Further into the pageant, the contestants were reduced to five and then three finalists, each of them were made to answer questions from the judges.

With the question, How would you explain the concept of a glass half full as opposed to a glass half empty, Some of the ladies excelled in their performance while others fumbled along the way.

After much scrutiny and assessments the winner of the 2017 Miss Universe Ghana was crowned.

Mrs. Menaye Donkor Muntari, Miss Universe Ghana 2004 and CEO of MALZ Promotions also the National Director for Miss Universe Ghana said the pageant gives the winner the rare opportunity to be an ambassador of Ghana, being a reflection of what Ghana has to offer to the international market hence the need for massive support from Ghanaians on all platforms possible.

What we need from now onwards is the support from the Nation, whether online, twitter, Instagram whatever it is we need to push our queen to win and that is our focus. We are not here to play, we are not here to have a winner and get a dinner and that is it. If we have a product here why don’t we promote her in Miss Universe, that is the focus and that is the drive, she explained.

The night saw thrilling performances from Wutah and Cina Soul as well as intriguing dance performances and live band music.

Finalists that contested for the crown includes, Akyere Gladys Rockson, Nana Ama Agyekum, Peggy Boateng, Ruth Quashie (Miss Universe Ghana 2017), Hephie Armah (1st runner up), Nadia Sarbah ,Sefakor Esinam Ahiave, Loretta Doe Lawson, Nura Ladi Mohammed, Emily Randolph (2nd runner up), Cindy Emefa Coffe and Sylvia Ama Owusu.

The event was hosted by Radio personality, Doreen Andoh and the judges include Miss Universe Netherlands (2003), Miss Netherlands Europe(2005),Tessa Brix, Michelle Attoh, Sean Guy and Giovanna Nicole.

Source: GhanaWeb