STYLE – Some say we are born with it, others say we are not.

Well i believe everyone has an inbred or inborn style. I’m not talking about one as a result of wealth, fashion or even beauty, but a style that is rooted in the knowledge of your true self. This knowledge when properly harnessed, helps to build  a consistent personal image and the confidence to project it on daily basis. I am strictly of the opinion that no man is born stylish.  I just believe that to become stylish, it takes certain tailored efforts to cultivate a studied perfection in the art of dressing well. Although every man has an inbred style, some are lucky to grow certain talents to dramatically match colors and express such style. In short they become fashionable. Unlike Fashion, Style is much more personal. It transcends your dress sense into your poise, charisma,,standing and walking posture. It is the whole expression of your being on the outside, even for things as minute as your phone’s pouch. Stylish men are those whose fashion choices are guided by certain codes of conduct that over time have become second nature to them. These rituals/habits are not difficult to learn, all any man needs is just a constant application of these codes of conduct. They will improve his style to a level where he doesn’t even have to think about it.

Listed below are five Rituals Stylish Men perform.


#1. They seek comfort when dressing up; this is only achieved when their outfits Fit and project confidence.

#2. They prioritize their Clothing Maintenance, which involves laundry, shoe shinning etc.

#3. They set up a time every month for their grooming; haircuts, manicure, pedicure etc.

#4. They always compliment good styles and never shy away from style advice.

#5. They follow the One-Third Rule.

 Note: One-Third Rule states buy 1/3 as many clothes as you do now, but spend 3 times as much on each item. For instance instead of buying 3 pairs of low quality pants, buy one pair of high quality pants.

Our stylish lives are dominated by certain habits/rituals, and it so happens that these rituals govern our us. A poor taste in style and fashion, coupled with a nonchalance attitude to one’s image is as a result of not learning these simple rituals to improve one’s style. Do you know of any other rituals? Please engage me in the comments section, i am ever ready to listen.